Gas-powered buses to operate on Nigerian roads

As the world shifts attention from petrol-powered vehicles, Austrian Technologies Nigeria has introduced natural gas-powered vehicles into the Nigerian market; promising to substantially reduce carbon emission from vehicles and the attendant danger to human health. The firm announced this in a statement which also provided details of the full range of the ECO-Green buses.

Gas-powered buses to operate on Nigerian roads

The Chief Executive Officer of Austrian Technologies Nigeria, Johann Rieger, said the buses built with European standards for critical climate and infrastructure were targeted at private and public transport operators in Nigeria.  The buses are rated among the safest and most economical mass transit vehicles globally and can reduce carbon footprints by 95 per cent and operating cost by 30 per cent.

He said, "We also have 5.4m (Hiace type), as well as 6.5m and 7.5m (Toyota Coaster) type buses. This is crucial for the further development of the Nigerian transport sector to include Danfo operators and other stakeholders in public transport operations." He further added that the buses had been equipped with gas engines of higher emission standards (Euro 5) with no toxic, smog or smoke; guaranteeing reduced noise and lower fuel cost.

The ECO-Green buses featured roof mounted CNG cylinder with up to 500km range and gas leakage detection system; tyre pressure monitoring system; two emergency roof hatches (front/rear); fire extinguisher in driver's cabin and automatic fire extinguishers in engine compartment; all disc brakes with automatic slack adjuster and ABS.

Other safety features included speed limiter; alcohol test and driver's fatigue detection with driver's biometric identification, CCTV camera system that can be directly integrated into the city surveillance system; reverse camera; handicapped ramp and wheelchair area.

Up to 70 per cent of all components of the ECO-Green buses will be manufactured or assembled locally within five years of operation, including the first green engine. The company offers bus simulators, bus scanners, telematics and ICT and intensive training of drivers and maintenance personnel to assure proper maintenance of the vehicles.